The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Voiceover Artist for Your Animated Explainer Videos

Animated Explainer Videos

When companies or businesses decide to create animated explainer videos to inform prospects about their products and services, on some occasions, they try to limit their budget in specific areas. They may go with the cheapest animator or choose to produce a one minute animated explainer video instead of 2 minutes. But, business owners are notorious for saving money when it comes to voiceover. They think that a professional voiceover artist is not necessary. With these benefits, you will understand why hiring a professional voiceover artist is necessary:

1)     Hiring a professional voice over artist for your animated explainer videos can save you money

Most business owners are willing to pay an animator, illustrator, a scriptwriter to come up with great animated explainer videos. However, because they have a voice, they tend not to outsource the voiceover. But like the natural acting, voiceover performance is a profession, and the voiceover artists have done it for a long time and mastered their craft. So they will turn out captivating recordings. Captivating recordings increase conversions threefold, and you will find that it saves you a lot of money in the long run.

2)     Having a voiceover artist to do your animated explainer videos can save you time

To some business owners, money is not the issue. Time is the one thing they are concerned about. Coming up with a scintillating explainer video takes time. You may contact your favorite voiceover artist and find that they are tied up with another project, which means you have no option but to wait. For some business people, time is a luxury they don’t have, so they’ll move on to make the voiceover themselves. The final product almost always ends up not to be up to the mark, and it will need to be redone. Redoing a voiceover will take a lot more time, plus the cost will increase. A voiceover artist will do it once and perfectly.

3)     The human element in animated explainer videos can’t be replaced

With advances in technology, voiceover software is abundant out there. So, most business owners tend to use them. However, voiceover software misses the human element, and it won’t resonate with your target audience. So it’s better to do it yourself than use a voiceover software.

4)     Most business owners swear by ‘’your brand, your voice’’ rule when making animated explainer videos

Most business people think that since it’s their brand, they should represent it fully. That means doing the voiceover themselves to connect with their target audience. While this is a good strategy, it might not work. Even if you’re the owner of the business and your voice is not great, you won’t attract many clients


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