5 Step-By-Step Guide on How to Make Product Explainer Videos

Make Product Explainer Videos

If you take the time to watch an explainer video, you might think that it’s easy to make one. The truth, however, is that it requires that you follow a specific process and it involves multiple experts. In essence, an explainer video production process consists of the following experts – a storyboard artist, a scriptwriter, a voiceover artist, an illustrator, an animator, and a sound-effects artist. Each of these professionals contributes to the whole process of video making. Here’s a step by step guide on how to make a product explainer video:

  1. The first step to making product explainer videos is getting acquainted with the client brief

First, take the time to read through the client brief. This is, essentially, a questionnaire filled out by the client. Typically, it’s the scriptwriter who reads through the client brief to get to grips with their business and video requirement. If the scriptwriter doesn’t understand some parts of the brief, a face-time with the client can be arranged.

b)     The next step to making product explainer videos is research and brainstorming

With information from the client on hand, second research is conducted to further understand the client business. Here, the client brief should be explained to the animator and storyboard artist. After they’ve followed the brief, they sit down with the scriptwriter to visually create the explainer video storyline, settle on the characterization, as well as other visual elements. They also think about how the elements will be animated. The script is then written after all that has been figured out.

c)       Craft the script and record the voice over for your product explainer videos

Here, the script is carefully written and sent to the client, who will approve it or suggest adjustments. Characteristically, the script should be short, punchy and to the point. When the script is approved, it’s recorded as voiceover and used as background narration for your product explainer video.

d)     The next step to making product explainer videos is storyboarding and illustration

Storyboarding is sketching the explainer video scenes. It’s normally done frame-by-frame. It’s usually sketched according to the video script. It has to be approved by the client. After approval, it’s conveyed to the illustrators who work on it and sent it to the client for approval.

e)      Addition of animation and sound effects to your product explainer videos

When the illustrated video is approved, the animator gets to work. This process takes time, as bringing static storyboard characters into life is not easy. The animation is based on the voiceover, so make sure the audio and video are correctly synchronized.


After all that is done, the animation and voice over are integrated to come up with the product explainer video. Sound effects are then added to the explainer video. When everything is complete, the product explainer video is conveyed to the client.


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