5 Qualities to Consider When Searching for a Voiceover Artist for Your Explainer videos

Animated Explainer Videos

One of the best decisions you’ll ever make for your brand is hiring a professional voiceover artist for your explainer videos. A pro voiceover artist has extensive experience and expertise doing the same, and they can turn around your video conversions. So if the above statement has motivated you to search for a voiceover professional, here are the qualities to look for before hiring one:

Look for a confident voiceover artist for your explainer videos

Confidence is the greatest attribute any pro voiceover artist should possess. A voiceover artist may be talented, but if they lack the confidence to sit in that chair and record the voice over, they are nothing. Confidence is built over time through constant practice and training; which is why it’s recommended that you always hire an experienced voiceover artist.

Great explainer video voiceover artists are resilient

Resilience means the voiceover artist can pick valuable lessons from failures, forge ahead from negative scenarios, and soldier on despite rejections. Resilience is crucial for achieving goals. So if you hire a resilient voiceover profession, you’ll be sure that your goals will be realized.

The best explainer video voiceover artists are focused

A great voiceover artist should be focused on realizing the goals of the explainer video. If they are not targeted, the only outcome is wasted opportunities. They should be able to draw up an ambitious plan and stick to it to the very end – the decisions they make along the way must be influenced by their goals. If they deviate a bit, they must be in a position to pick themselves up and refocus.

You want to hire a voiceover professional who has impeccable work ethics for your explainer videos

Most professionals spend a big chunk of their day working out, making dinner, and walking the dog. They dedicate less time to advance their voiceover career, and so, they end up not progressing. Or if they progress, the rewards won’t be impressive. An excellent voiceover artist dedicates a big chunk of their day building up their skills, developing their brand, networking and managing their business.

An enthusiastic voiceover professional will turn out captivating explainer videos

A great voiceover professional is enthusiastic and passionate about what they do. This way, they will research and commit to turning out scintillating, high-converting explainer videos for you.


Creating beautiful explainer videos for your product or service is critical to the long-term success of your business. That’s why you must go for the best voiceover professional out there. This is a perfect voiceover professional checklist to have in your back pocket.


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